Love/ Hate Relationship

All scientists have days when things experiments fail, instruments misbehave, nothing makes sense and frustration gets overwhelming. But most of our unwanted results don't look this cool:
This image, titled "Love/Hate Relationship" is one of the amazing pictures from the Art of Science contest that Princeton sponsors every year. Nick Bax was trying to get a perfectly round laser beam to act as an optical trap to hold on to molecules. Molecules are actually so tiny that you can use beams of light to hold on to them in three dimensions. He failed to get the beam to work, but it still looks cool.
Some other images from the contest:
Left - This is just liquid flowing around a moving plate, but it looks very happy (see the smiles?). Right - This picture is a magnetic field image - not at all biological, but it sure looks cellular. It's amazing how the same motifs recur in nature. Or maybe its just amazing how the human brain works, that we always think we see the familiar.

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