Just So Story?

Picture: Johan Opperman/solentnews.co.uk

This is nature (not at all science) but I loved Rudyard Kipling's stories growing up and this was just to good to pass up. In case you don't remember The Elephant's Child, it's the story of how the trunk is invented when a baby elephant's nose gets tugged on by a crocodile. A tourist at Kruger National Park in South Africa (where the "great grey-green greasy Limpopo River" flows) snapped this photo last week before the elephant herd stomped up and scared off the hungry crocodile. Kruger Park is about the size of Israel (under 8,000 square miles) and has literally tons of wildlife. There are definitely mongooses and cobras, rhinos, panthers, giant snakes, and troops of monkeys (though there's no photographic evidence they act out scenes from the Jungle Book).

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