Sweet / Sour Flavor switcher

I recently saw this article on Salon about Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum), which can change how you perceive taste. This seemed amazing to me. Blocking molecular receptors does seem like a big deal, but tricking them so that you actually taste "sweet" when you eat "sour" is much more interesting.
The phenomenon has apparently been around a long time. These berries are used as a traditional food in Africa and the active ingredient "miraculin" was isolated in 1968 and published in Nature and Science. There is some, but not much research going on with it. It hasn't been FDA approved, but is widely used globally and is legal to grow in the US. It's available for less than $2 a berry on Amazon.com. Salon.com also did a taste test with another natural product, Sugar Destroyer (Gymnema sylvestre).  Except for the fact it would involve all sorts of IRB safety paperwork, I think this would make a really fascinating science fair project or a good activity for a science club.

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